Toyota Bonus Bucks
College Series Program

How It works:

1. Drive a Toyota

  • Own or lease a Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, Sequoia, or 4Runner (Vehicle can be in parent(s)’ or legal guardian’s name for College participants)

2. Register

  • Complete the official registration form online, via email, or U.S. mail.

  • Submit a copy of your current truck registration and / or title with your registration form via email, or U.S. mail.

  • Registration must be received and confirmed by the Bonus Bucks Office prior to fishing in your first college contingency paying event.

  • You will receive an email response once your registration has been approved.

3. Fish

  • Participate in a supported college series contingency paying tournament, and post the highest placing finish of those who have registered for the Program.

  • College series events will pay the top two highest placing Bonus Bucks participants.

  • Highest finishes must fall within the top 50% of the field, with a minimum field size of no less than 30 boats.

4. Redeem

  • Submit the official contingency claim form, along with a copy of your current truck registration and / or title, within 30-days of your finish

  • Upon verification and approval, your contingency payment will be sent via U.S. mail. Winners should allow a minimum of 8 weeks for approval, processing, and distribution

Important Information for college participants

College Bonus Bucks Program participants are eligible for College Series payouts only. You are not eligible for Bonus Bucks contingency payouts in other tournament trails, only the College Series trails—unless you own or lease (individual or co-owner, and your name is on truck title) the Toyota vehicle, and the Toyota vehicle is an eligible model year for the general Bonus Bucks Contingency Program. (See Rules for general Bonus Bucks Program eligibility details on our general Bonus Bucks Program Website.)
Matching payout for Participant’s club—When a College Bonus Bucks participant wins a contingency payout, their respective college club will be sent a matching funds contingency check too.