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Bonus Bucks Program Overview

The Toyota Bonus Bucks Program is totally free and is available to anglers who tow with a 2012 or newer Toyota Tundra, Sequoia, 4Runner, Tacoma or FJ Cruiser and fish in Bonus Bucks supported events. Plus, you don’t have to win the tournament to win the Bonus Bucks; you simply have to be the highest finishing registered participant and finish in the top 50% of the field.

How the 2016 Bonus Bucks Contingency Program Works

Drive a Toyota

Own or lease a 2012 or newer Toyota Tundra, Sequoia, Tacoma, FJ Cruiser or 4Runner. Vehicle must be registered in your name individually or jointly. Please note vehicle eligibility now requires a model year of 2012 or newer. In 2017, vehicle eligibility will roll to model year 2013 and newer.


Complete the official registration form and return via email, fax or mail (or complete online form). In addition, submit a copy of your current truck registration and / or title with your registration form via email, fax or mail. Registration must be received and confirmed by the Bonus Bucks Office prior to fishing in your first contingency paying event. You will receive an email response once your registration has been approved. You do not have to re-register for the Program annually, unless your information has changed.


Participate in a contingency paying tournament, and post the highest placing finish of those who have registered for the program. Select Bassmaster, FLW and Team Tournament Trail events will pay the top two highest placing finishes. Highest finishes must fall within the top 50% of the field, with a minimum field size of no less than 30 boats. A list of supported events and payouts are posted on this website.


Submit the Official Contingency Claim Form, along with a copy of your truck title and / or current truck registration, within 30-days of your finish. Upon verification and approval, your contingency payment will be sent via U.S. mail. Winners should allow a minimum of 8 weeks for approval, processing and distribution.

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